The Short Giraffe Book Cover The Short Giraffe
Neil Flory
Children's stories
Murdoch Books

Littlest Geri tries hard to stretch up to the other giraffes so he can feature in a group photo - but is everyone looking at things from the wrong perspective? This is a picture book for anyone who has ever felt different from the herd.

The idea of a short giraffe was instantly appealing to me – the tallest animal in the world having “height issues”?! What could possibly make for a funnier story?  As I delved into the story I met the delightful Geri, the short giraffe. This book features amazing illustrations that have the cute-factor without being too babyish and the story delights as the animals try various ways to include Geri with hilarious results. The themes that arise through this story are numerous – the most obvious being the ideas that we’re all different, we all feel self-conscious about our looks and we all want to fit in with the group. What a great way to celebrate the unique features of the children in your life!

Classroom Activities:

  • Venn diagram comparing you and your best friend
  • Write a story about an elephant with a short trunk or an ostrich who can’t run

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