I know it’s not the beginning of the school year here, but a new school recently opened nearby and it made me wonder about the whole process of setting up and preparing for a new year. I have a pretty extensive list of must have items that I always have in my classroom – basics like tables, chairs, pencils, markers, paper, etc, as well as the nice to haves such as colorful floor rugs/mats, and computers/tablets (although these days I think these are becoming more of a must have!). Most of these items are supplied for me, I’m one of the lucky ones though as I know many teachers would willingly purchase classroom supplies to ensure their students receive a quality education. Speaking of shopping, did you know that Amazon have their very own Education Supplies store for teachers? You can find it here.

What items do you need to supply for your classroom and what is provided for you? What do you consider “essential” items to have in your classroom?

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