I’m hoping you’ve already read my post about setting up your Teachers Pay Teachers seller account (if not, you can find it here), now it’s time to start thinking about creating products! This is my favorite part of selling on TpT.

If you’ve come to this post looking for a great idea to make your millions, then you’re in the wrong spot. You need to come up with that idea yourself, I’m just here to try to guide you in the right direction! There are a few things you must remember when creating products to sell or giveaway on TpT:

  • Learn about copyright and trademark laws (Please note: I do not offer legal advice. You may want to consider consulting a relevant professional for advice about your individual circumstances)
  • Saying “I didn’t know it was trademarked” is no excuse! There are several websites that will allow you to search Trademark ownership:
  • Copyright also applies to fonts and clip art
      • You must have permission to use fonts and clip art for COMMERCIAL USE. This includes the standard fonts and clip art you can find in your Word/Pages programs (unless you’ve purchased the professional versions of these).
      • The good news is, there are many sellers on TpT who sell fonts and clip art (you can even find free fonts and clip art on TpT to get you started). And, they even allow you to use them in your TpT products (make sure you check the terms of use for each individual seller though as they do vary). I’ll include some links to a few of my favorite clip artists down the bottom!
      • You can also purchase clip art and stock images from several different, reputable websites such as Adobe Stock

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s start making your free resource!

Think about the best lesson you’ve ever taught. The lesson that your students continue to talk about. What made that lesson so awesome? Was it an amazing resource that you made for them? Can you create a product from that? Or, if there was no product, but simply some amazing hands-on activities, can you write about that? Can you write a step-by-step guide for other teachers to replicate your awesome lesson? Go and try, and when you’re ready, come back here for the next step!

Here are a few of my favorite clip artists (just click on their names to visit their stores/websites):

Up next:

How to make your product look professional – Covers, Teacher Notes, Credits


What would you like to know next? Leave a comment below to let me know!

*This is a general guide. You may need specific advice to ensure you are complying with your local laws.

Note: This post contains affiliate links

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