Hello! My name is Jennifer and I’m enhancing the teacher journey one classroom at a time. I do this by providing teachers with practical resources that they can use in their classrooms.

My ultimate goal is to provide busy teachers with the activities they need to enhance the learning opportunities of their students. Whether you’re a busy teacher or a homeschooling parent, I have the resources to support you.

As a teacher and a parent myself, I want to provide you with:

  • Quality teaching materials that meet curriculum standards
  • Engaging activities that promote critical thinking skills
  • Easy to follow teacher notes
  • Learning activities that require minimal preparation

I’ve been a teacher for ten years, a mum for six, a university educator for two, and all three for one, so I know all too well about the need to reclaim the time we spend planning our lessons.

Here’s what teachers are saying about my resources:

I can’t wait to use this in small group next week. It will be great for differentiation. Thanks for sharing!
– Judy, 2018

This is such a great resource to use, especially when my students are learning how to read CVC words!
– King Kinders, 2018

This is a wonderful resource! I will be using this with my special education students when they do a country research project after spring break! Looks great, very thorough. I can’t wait to use it!
– Sped-Ventures, 2018

I love the entire series of high frequency word booklets!
– Donna, 2017

This was a super fun easy activity to do!
– Jaclyn, 2017

Love this! Anyone who comes in my room ask where I got it!!!
– Tara, 2016

This booklet has been so useful the students love cutting out the leaves and pasting them on. the trees are hanging all around the area I work in.The students refer to them when they are trying to figure out a word. Thanks so much it must have taken you along time to put together.
– Nancy, 2015


Disclaimer: I do not receive payment for any reviews that I publish on this site. Many of the items featured I have purchased myself, and some items are sent to me for review purposes. Please note that I do not post negative reviews. I only accept physical copies of books so that I can share them properly with either my children or my students (usually both!). If you have a book or an item that you would like me to review, please contact me here and I will forward you the relevant information. Affiliate links are used on this site.

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